Thursday, July 17, 2008

Through England

I am now in the US once again. I spent a week in England on my way back, visited some old friends from Ghana and made some new ones. My friends the Hewers live in Thame, which is in Oxfordshire, not too far from Oxford. So the second day I was with them i caught the local bus to Oxford and walked around the city.

Thanks to the gift of the gab (or my self-effacing humility, or something of the sort) I started talking to S7302684.JPG another wanderer who was on her own. It turns out Marta is from Portugal and came to Oxford to study English for a few weeks. So we wandered around together, had lunch and then went our separate ways. It was great to have someone to explore the S7302689.JPG city with.

The Natural History Museum was probably the coolest of the sites we saw. Something about old dinosaur bones just gets me. Amazing what these animals must have looked like.

The day after I visited with friends from Norway and other friends from Ghana in Guildford, a bit south of London. It was so relaxing just to sit in the garden with friends and eat and chat while the little ones ran around. It threatened rain, which happily never came, and I even got some sun!

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