Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recording and Math

I just started a new job, working for Math U See, which makes and ships math textbooks to people around the world - mainly homeschoolers. They have textbooks from basic math all the way up through Calculus. As I remember trying to teach myself Calc out of a public school textbook, it seems like they're on to something - especially the way they are able to teach these concepts using visual blocks. They've found the teaching methods to be so effective that some public school special-ed classes are adopting it as their curriculum. Pretty cool!
We've also been recording these past couple weeks, which has been really good. somewhat stressful, of course, but we've gotten a lot done on the project. I'm working with Matthew Monticchio, David Green, Katie Becker and a bunch more musicians and it's turning out pretty nicely. Hopefully this will be ready for release by Christmas.
I actually have to go record pretty soon (we've got some string players coming in for a session), so I'll cut this short even though I haven't mentioned Purple Door. I'll try to blog about that in the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the new stuff! Fred was in the studio this morning recording the uke.