Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John McCain

Last Tuesday I went to see John McCain at a rally in Lancaster. I figured since both candidates were in my city (just down the block from my house) I might as well go see them both and see firsthand what the difference was.
I joined some friends who are hardcore McCain supporters in the long line to get in (there was no possibility of standing outside the cordoned area, since the rally was in a gym instead of outside in a park) and eventually made my way through.
What amazed me was the number of Obama supporters yelling obscenities and wearing tshirts, etc.. intended to spark something who were standing or walking around where the people were lining up to get in - almost as if they wanted conflict to occur. I didn't see any anti-Obama people openly at his rally on Friday, but here were anti-McCain people at his rally, most of whom were being ignored by those in line. It strikes me that this may be the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats, at least in Lancaster: D's are much more emotionally tied to their candidate, where as R's are much more willing to separate their emotions from their decision. I have to admit I'd rather make a rational decision than an emotional one, but maybe both are valid.
Inside people were giving out signs to hold up, and when I declined one offered to me, the girl looked at me with a weird expression, as if she didn't know what to do with me. I smiled at her and she smiled nervously back.
Finally the candidate came out, and with him were Sarah Palin and her husband. Sarah introduced McCain and he gave his spiel. I have to admit I was pretty impressed. They said some good things - I was impressed more by the way they delivered their ideas, though. They were very specific about their goals and the way that they intended to achieve them. Energy independence was a big topic, something Barack didn't touch on, and there were specific measures that they intended to use to get there. It was cool too how both people running spoke too - I have yet to hear Biden speak a single word.
Maybe it was just that I had never heard their positions, or maybe that Barack assumed people had already heard his positions, but McCain was somehow clearer about what he wanted to do with and for the country.
Still with-holding judgement, but it was definitely good to experience both sides of the political spectrum.

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