Monday, January 12, 2009

The Reese Project @ the Hannah Garman Benefit

Saturday night I played at the Hannah Garman Benefit in Mounty Joy - it was a great time, and hopefully raised a decent amount of money. My friend Phil came along for the ride - we had a great conversation on the way there (and back, incidentally) about spiritual maturity and music. We had some time before my set, so took a tour of Bube's Brewery where the event was held. Pretty cool stuff - some great ghost stories and history of the place.
A few people performed and then I got up and played a few songs. Phil said that by the second song people were locked in to what I was doing, which was pretty cool. It's interesting how you know whether your music is connecting by how much people pay attention - another topic I could probably post on at another date. Got to meet @shanellelee, @kriscantshutup, and @jbairy - @kmueller62 was there too.
After me, The Reese Project got up - a jazz quartet that really blew me away. My friend Aaron Walker plays drums for them (and also for me on occasion) so I knew about them, but had never heard them live. It was slammin'. Tom Reese on flute, his wife Laurie on cello, Bobby Brewer on guitar and Aaron on drums. All really skilled players who make room for each other - you can check out their website for more info. The energy was palpable and they were all synced in to what was going on musically. It was pretty sweet. The songs on the site don't do justice to their playing though - the only way to really hear what they do is to go see them live. You won't regret it.

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