Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Some of my friends recently had a birthday party celebration at K-Box, which is a local karaoke shop. They provide a full buffet with pretty good food and plenty of it, all you can eat desserts and ice-cream. It was really good. They also had a large selection of songs to choose from so I was able to sing songs in English (Hotel California, I Will Always Love You, etc..) and try to follow along as my friends sang in Mandarin and Cantonese. It was pretty cool - by the end I had learned some new Chinese characters. Here's a short video of the room we rented.



HannahBG said...

Fun! Karaoke is very popular in Korea, as well, (the places are called "no-rae-bang" which translates literally into "song room") although I've never been to one that sounds as elaborate as the one you described. :~) It sounds like you're making the most of this opportunity!

Ring Records said...

very cool, Hannah! yeah, there were actually a ton of Korean songs to choose from too - I wonder if K-Box is originally started in Korea? My friends tell me this is popular in Japan and a bunch of other more cosmopolitan Asian countries/cities.
It was a ton of fun - maybe I'll have my birthday party at one of these places. =)