Monday, July 25, 2011


100_0724.JPGMy sister got married this past weekend, and it was a wonderful ceremony and a great time with family and friends. Soon I fly back to Singapore to defend my research proposal paper, which I am still working on writing. But at the moment I'm simply enjoying being with family and friends. Here's a picture of the bride walking up the aisle.


lindajp747 said...

Hi, Hiram! You probably don't remember me, but I just wanted to say hi -- I used to drive you, Seth and my daughter, Kaitlin, to the children's chorus when you lived in Huntington Beach. I still get your parents' news letters and have really enjoyed keeping in touch from a far. I always thought your family, in their love for the Lord, your different, wonderful personalities and paths, and your intense desires to follow Christ in your lives was inspiring and so admirable.

FYI, Kaitlin is Senior at Biola and Julia is a sophomore at a univ. in Georgia.

I hope you are enjoying Singapore and that you are encouraged in God's blessing. Please greet your parents for me when you communicate with them next!

Linda Patton

Hiram said...

Hi Linda! thanks for getting in touch! I definitely will mention you to my parents! Life is pretty good here in Singapore. Busy but good. =)

I got to see/hear the SCCC in PA when they passed through on their tour a year or so ago - it was a lot of fun!