Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bunker

So once again I have been lax in blogging. The past couple weeks Matt and I have been working on the IMG_1048.JPG buildings and staying busy. We've also done a few other things, but it has been raining almost constantly for the past two weeks. So here are some pictures of what we've been up to - not the work, but the other things. This past Monday was midsummer night, and they celebrate it around here by having a 'child wedding'. Kids get dressed up and go through a 'ceremony' and dance together to celebrate the longest day of the year. It was a cloudy day, but that didn't stop the ceremony.
Yesterday was finally a sunny day, and after working Matt and I took a walk IMG_1085.JPG along the old road north of Tyssedal. There's a German bunker there that dates from WWII when Norway was occupied by the Germans. Odda was a strategic location because of the factories here, and this bunker covered the approach from the north.

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