Saturday, June 14, 2008

World's End

It was a beautiful day in Tønsberg. I arrived here yesterday and straight away was whisked to the youth party - the last event of the year, since school is ending for the summer. Had a great time playing volleyball, chatting, eating and reconnecting with people from when I was here last. There was an interesting game they translated as 'the block game' in which two teams have a row of blocks standing, and the object is to knock the others' over by throwing wooden pegs underhand. It's harder than it sounds. We got home pretty late and slept in this morning.
I went out to the Tønsberg center with the girls. The Mørken's cousins are visiting from England, so I S7302510.JPG S7302517.JPG wasn't the only foreigner - that's what they kept calling us the whole weekend, as a joke - the 'foreigners'. I walked up to the hill that made Tønsberg defensible, and thus part of the reason why it is the oldest settlement in Scandinavia. Not much to see, but a nice spot for a picnic if it hadn't been so windy. Mostly ruins and a memorial tower currently under renovation.
Then Knut and co picked us up and we went out to Verdens Ende - the end of the world. It's a spot south of Tønsberg out on the last island that kind of reaches itself out into Oslo fjord. If you keep going that direction, the next stop is Denmark. Sara and Knut went swimming, and the rest of us just sat on the rocks and took pictures. Fiona and Hamish agreed with me that they were rather mad to swim with it being so windy - we were S7302532.JPG cold enough out of the water! But Knut insisted that the water was probably about 17 C, so it really wasn't all that cold - I guess not, compared with the arctic ocean.
We were getting close to when I had to be at the youth meeting to prepare for the concert, so we drove home, picked up some pizza, and then went to the spot where the youth event was going to be. Discussions ensued about where they would have the concert - I deferred to Kristoffer, the youth pastor. They eventually decided to have it outside, with the hope that the wind would die down and the sun would remain outside enough to warm people up while they sat. It was a pretty good concert. A bit hard to hear myself without monitors, and eventually it got cold enough that my strings started going out of tune, but people really enjoyed it. I think next time we'll probably have it inside. =)


Anonymous said...

Dude...I'm loving the journaling of your travels. Sounds like you're having a great time. But most of all, I'm jealous of how much you get to use the "o" with a slash through it. Maybe one day I too will have use for that character. :)

Jenn K. said...

I've played that block game with a Mennonite family in Lancaster! =]