Monday, December 01, 2008

A Christmas Song based on the nature of the Triune God

Glory to God in the Highest
What made the heavenly host sing on that cold winter's night? Was it wonder at the God of the universe becoming small and powerless? Was it amazement at His plan for salvation finally being made flesh, entering the history of humanity in a single, clear instant like the call of a trumpet? Were they simply rejoicing in the beauty and wonder of birth, or were they looking ahead to when He would destroy death with one fell swoop?
The wonder of this moment when the Word became flesh is what I was trying to capture with the song 'O Little Child'. The moment that changed history, the One who created it being Himself created, and what that would mean for eternity and humanity, is a concept that I believe we have to continually re-visit in scripture and song - to try and wrap our heads around and ultimately, joyfully, fail to understand.
It is with amazement that we find ourselves on the other side of the cross and can look back to see the giant steps and sacrifices that a little baby in Bethlehem would have to make to fulfill His destiny. A destiny to restore humanity to the relationship intended for it by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through salvation in himself, Yeshua - the Lord who saves.
O little child, o tiny babe, are these your hands that came to save? Held in your mother's warm embrace, remember me this Christmas day. O little child, your tiny feet will bear the cross toward calvary. Now tightly wrapped on mother's knee, on Christmas day I think of thee.
That God would come to us on earth - he who himself did give us birth. That the Most High would choose to be a simple child like you and me.
O little child, you must be fed - you who will give us living bread. The final Word is said, it's yours to say. Do you remember Christmas day?
Now let us sing with one accord jubilant praises to our Lord! Join with the angels' heavenly choir - proclaim this wondrous clarion hour! That God would leave His heaven above to live with us a life of love, that the Most High would choose to be a simple child like you and me.
Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men!
O little child, your eyes still sleep - your tiny form a mystery. Come with the world on bended knee - on Christmas day we think of Thee.

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