Friday, August 07, 2009

Germany Installment #1

I just got back from Germany a couple days ago, and so here I'm going to update (with video) what happened on the trip. Below is the video of the flight over, with more of a complete description and information below that:
I had never had Five Guys burgers and fries before I stopped at this shop in Dulles. Apparently they started in DC, but now have locations in Philly and NYC to name a few places. They have really good burgers and fries, and it was a great last meal to head off to Germany with. On the flight over to Paris the airplane food was actually pretty decent (go AirFrance!), and I had 3 seats on the side of the plane all to myself. I thought that would mean I'd get lots of sleep, but unfortunately the baby two rows up and the baby two rows back decided not to sleep at all, and to periodically let out piercing screams because (apparently) their parents weren't letting them have their way. Yay for undisciplined children. It makes me wonder how my parents managed to ferry all 10 of us (varying ages) from Ghana to the US and back - that's 2 8-hour flights in one stretch rather than just one.
So lacking sleep and stuffy from the flight, we landed in Paris where I had to hoof it to my connecting flight - through customs, out of security, to the other end of the airport and back in through security to catch my flight to Dusseldorf. Fortunately I made it with room to spare, but since I also didn't have a watch I wasn't sure until I got there that I would make it. Fortunately, the rest of the flight was uneventful.


Anonymous said...

Now that 5 Guys has two locations in Lancaster, you can feed your new-found addiction. :)

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Joy said...

...and there are a few in Pittsburgh! Once in a while i get this nasty wild craving!