Saturday, August 08, 2009

Germany Installment #2

I arrived in Germany in the morning on Tuesday after a long flight and a short connection from Paris. Olly, one of the counselors from Neues Leben, picked me up from the airport (she recognized me from the picture in the jacket of the CD I had sent with Tobias) and we had a good conversation on the way to the camp about Germany and culture and education. My goal was to stay awake until 8pm or so to combat jet lag.
The rest of the team was already there and had been since the previous Friday, so they kind of knew their way around and could show me the ropes. Camp had started on Sunday afternoon, so my job was simply to fit in wherever I could. English classes started every morning at 10:45am, and since I got there after they started, my job on arriving to camp was simply to settle in and wait until lunch. I figured I could do that pretty well. =)
Tuesday afternoon we had a bunch of activities for the kids where they were organized into teams and the leaders were given stations where two of the people in each team were required to do something. It was kind of like a scavenger/relay game. They told us to hide somewhere, but I think the translation from German was a bit off, because Bex (the other person at the station) and I hid, but then kids complained because they couldn't find us. We had the bobbing for apples station.
A bit later someone came and took our spot so we could go observe some of the other activities. I got some video of Dave McCulloch administering the 'Egg War' activity. He broke a raw egg into a rubber tube, and two of the group had to blow into it at each other - the one with the weakest lungs (or least unaware) would get egg in their mouth or all over them. =) What fun!

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