Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rochester, Mount Hope Cemetery

I spent a couple days in Rochester with friends, following a last-minute show at Geneva College with Joy Ike on Monday. Tuesday I drove up through Houghton (my alma mater) and visited with profs and old friends who are still around, though most of the student body and even some of the buildings have changed since I was last there 2 years ago. I stopped for dinner with Dan Gross and his family (great times) and then played that evening at Boulder Coffee Co in Rochester, which is a great venue and it turned out to be quite a reunion of Houghton College graduates. What fun! And Mike Zale, who I haven't seen in years, still has a really cool looping system that just sounds great.
The day after, I went to Mount Hope Cemetery with Hannah and Hudson, to look for the graves of Susan B. Anthony (women's suffrage) and Frederick Douglass (abolitionist). Along the way we ran into Hiram Sibley, who was buried next to David Hough. David and I were in Tanzania together and he's married to Hannah - their last name is Hough... but he is very much alive, never fear. Pretty funny to find your name on a gravestone, though.

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