Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel, BK

I'm in Grove City, PA right now - spent the weekend with my brother and his wife and got to meet a bunch of their friends and church folks, which was pretty sweet. I also spent some time with my friend Ross who was in Uganda this past summer. We haven't been able to connect over the past few months, so it was good to see him and look at pictures and hear about his experiences in Africa - some pretty crazy stuff, like casting demons out of people and spending hours praying and dancing and praising God.
Tonight I'm playing with Joy Ike and Call of the Mild at Geneva College, which is about 45 minutes from here. It should be a really fun show - then I'm off to Rochester, NY tomorrow and then a couple shows in Vermont to round out the week. I'll probably be visiting Burger Kings along the way - just can't get enough of that Whopper Jr! Speaking of which, here's a video of me and Joy and a couple other friends visiting the ONLY Burger King in Pittsburgh:

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