Monday, October 26, 2009

Touring my studio

In case you are wondering what I have been doing with my time since I've been back in Lancaster, I have been trying to relax with a vengeance. And failing miserably, unfortunately. But I have high hopes.

I recently set up my parents' garage as a recording studio and put myself out on the market under a record company (Ring Records), which was precipitated by some local musicians who found me on MySpace and wanted me to record them. The company has existed for almost 3 years (since I started doing music), but has never had its own web presence, so I created a free Wordpress blog and got it up and running.

I've been working with 'Of Whales', who is recording 3 songs on a budget - two of which might be on his MySpace site in the very near future. For the moment, you can check out my studio below.

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