Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Speaker Training

I'm in Florida for Wycliffe Associates at speaker training. Since I will be speaking on their banquet tour for the next month, I'm here to learn how to tell my stories effectively to communicate and keep people's attention. We're at a hotel near Orlando and the days are pretty grueling.. but they sure do feed us well!

I've been learning a lot, developing stories that fit into 2 minutes and communicate the truth of the situation I'm describing. Telling stories is more like theater - not so much like songwriting. With songwriting I'm crafting poetry that captures multiple shades of meaning to communicate truth with stories and imagery, but with storytelling I'm capturing emotional and image-rich events in natural, every-day language. A subtle difference. Songwriting relies on the words and music to communicate, while storytelling relies mostly on non-verbal cues.

There is definitely some overlap, and I find I'm taking to it like a fish to water. Or perhaps more like a dog to water - maybe I'll turn into a dolphin eventually. Still working on that and will let you know what happens by the end of the week. If you'd like to come to a banquet (April 5 - May 8 in Georgia and South Carolina) to hear my stories and how you can be part of getting scriptures to the millions of people around the world who still do not have any of God's Word in a language that they can understand, check out the dates below, and my or the WA website for more details.

Apr 5 Valdosta, GA

Apr 6 Americus, GA

Apr 8 Columbus, GA

Apr 9 Warner Robins, GA

Apr 10 Macon, GA

Apr 12 Fayetteville, GA

Apr 13 Conyers, GA

Apr 15 Marietta, GA

Apr 16 Rome, GA

Apr 17 Norcross, GA

Apr 19 Gainesville, GA

Apr 20 Athens, GA

Apr 22 Anderson, SC

Apr 23 Greenville, SC

Apr 24 Spartanburg, SC

Apr 26 Rock Hill, SC

Apr 27 Aiken, SC

Apr 29 Augusta, SC

Apr 30 Columbia, SC

May 1 Florence, SC

May 3 Mount Pleasant, SC

May 4 Savannah, GA

May 6 Statesboro, GA

May 7 Waycross, GA

May 8 Jacksonville, FL

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