Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pageant Music releases 12 Gates!

We have finally released the album '12 Gates', and are giving it away for FREE this Easter season! Yup - that's no April Fool's joke either.

You can find it at: - you can donate to help cover our production costs, but all we ask is that you share it with as many people as you think will enjoy it.

Our vision is that these songs would be an encouragement to believers everywhere and express the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a new and different way. Birthed from the artistry and collaborative nature of the believing community in Lancaster, PA, specifically Wheatland Church, we hope that these songs will edify and enrich the worship of churches all over the US and around the world.

The driving force behind this collection and collaboration is Matthew Monticchio and myself, Hiram Ring, but with an incredible amount of interaction from our community both within and without Wheatland Church. Other artists who sing on this album are Joy Ike, Brooke Annibale, Christy Danner, Cliff and Jen Lewis, Dan Kirby, Anna Demme, Keith Winder and Alisha Ring. Matthew Clark created the image for the album cover, and Ned Bustard designed the text. Many more were involved in producing what you hear.

Visit for an outline of the tracks on the album with some additional notes on the performers and musical/textual elements.

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