Thursday, February 26, 2009

Video Blog Installment 3 (pre-tour)

Here's a couple videos I shot Thursday. The first one I shot Thursday morning on my way to work, traveling south through Lancaster, Willow Street, and finally arriving at Peach Bottom and Math-U-See headquarters, the "Math Barn". Math U See is a great place to work, and the curriculum really does benefit people, focusing on getting kids to master concepts before moving on. It should really be taught this way in most schools, but because teachers are all on schedules it seems to work best in homeschool situations.

The second video I shot Thursday night, but my brain was so addled I didn't realize what day it was. Thus the incorrect statement that this is my second Vlog - it is actually my third, if we count Wednesday's snippets. The song is by Matthew Monticchio, who I've worked with on the past two Christmas albums and various other projects that are not yet complete. He is the music director at Wheatland Presbyterian Church (where I'm a member) and is really gifted. Writing deep worship music is one of his many talents, and it's great to be able to spend time to learn from him. I really love this community.

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