Friday, February 27, 2009

Video Blog Installment 4 (pre-tour)

Today I did a bunch of errands and then took off to Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square to play a show, opening for Jeffrey Gaines. It was a lot of fun! My friend 'Puff' was there doing sound somewhat randomly (we met here in Lancaster years ago, though he lives closer to Philly) and my friend Bob Arrel hung out for the night too - he works just up the street. People enjoyed the music, I played a 30 minute set. Jeffrey showed up 5 minutes before he was on and just plugged in and put on a great show - quite the entertainer. =) As to the other guy... well, here's some video of my set, me performing 'Living Water' with just my acoustic. You'll have to get the CD (iTunes, etc..) to compare the versions.

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