Saturday, February 28, 2009

Video Blog Installment 5 (pre-tour)

Today I went to my friends Rebecca and Steve's wedding - congrats to them! It was a fun time with friends, a good service and plenty of birdseed thrown at the couple. =) I caught the garter, though it's a practice I despise... who thought that one up, again? Met some cool folks that I hope to reconnect with on tour (Annie, if you're reading this, you and Paul can catch up on what you missed at the show tonight by watching the video below). The video today is of the Bill Mallonee show that I went to with some other friends - it was a happening place! As you can tell by the 4-year-old on ukelele. Uh-huh, NOW you're watching. Also a guest appearance by Cliff Lewis (Trash&Glory) at the end of the video...

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