Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Sweet Room


I found a place to stay! Thanks for all your prayers - I found a small room in a flat only 10 minutes walk from class, which is pretty remarkable. All my classmates are telling me I'm blessed because I'm paying almost half of what most people pay for a room this size. Add this to the movie tickets I won during the first week and the fact that I was interviewed for Chinese national TV recently (CCTV - more about that later), and they're certain I was born under a lucky star.

You can view a tour of my room and the walk to NTU in the video above. A couple notes - no, the Buddhist shrine is not mine (it belongs to the people whose room I'm renting). Mr and Mrs Wong own the flat and live there with their mother, and two other PhD students (chemistry, I believe) share the other free room. It's cozy, but I actually don't see them much, since I spend most of my time reading books (or checking facebook if I'm procrastinating) in my cubicle in the huge room reserved for graduate students on the third floor of the HSS building. I'll be giving a tour of that pretty soon, so stay tuned!


Becky said...

Good to see your face, Hiram!

Jason Mundok said...

Everything looks so clean and beautiful. I was surprised to see all of the signs in English. Is English a primary language?

Hiram said...

yeah, English is one of the national languages in Singapore and currently the main language of education and government. It's a really clean place.