Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moon Festival

Here in Singapore they celebrate the traditional Chinese mid-autumn festival, also known as the Moon Festival. You can read more about the festival here and here - pretty interesting reads, I must say, and not something I learned about in social studies, that's for sure. While it's not as important as the spring festival or the new year festival, it's definitely a reason to get your party on.

At NTU last week the Chinese club organized a big event in Yunnan Garden, right across from the Chinese Heritage Centre. The garden that I usually walk through in the mornings and evenings, to and from my apartment, was transformed by lights, candles, music, and the dancing of lions/dragons (depending on which Chinese person you ask). It was quite fun.

My friend Christina and I waited in line and watched the dancing, then wandered around with our lanterns until the candles burned out, then watched the calligrapher at work, tasted tea served in a traditional ceremonial way, and finally were treated to the traditional orchestra doing a rendition of... you guessed it - Taylor Swift! This is what we call fusion. Check it out below.


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