Monday, September 20, 2010

Singapore's Orchid Garden

100_0041.JPGLast week I visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens with my friend (and fellow PhD student) Wang Hao Shu. He also happens to be a novelist in China, which is why I include the link on his name - if you read Chinese, check out his books! A word to the name illiterate: in China you say the family name first and then the given name.

Hao Shu really loves the orchids housed in the Botanic Gardens, and he had recommended we go and check them out. My friend Margie, on hearing that I was in Singapore, asked me about the orchids as well, so for her sake I thought I'd go and take some video. I also took some pictures which you can see more of below the video.

100_0073.JPG100_0069.JPGThe orchid garden is nestled in one of the many corners of the botanic gardens. We walked by the swan lake where people feed the birds, fish, and giant turtles. We kept walking past the large lawn and trees shading picnic-ers and families. Then through the ginger garden with many varieties of ginger plants and flowers, and finally on to the orchid garden, where we found to our surprise that for this particular weekend we got in for free as students! Sweetness!

Needless to say, there was more to see than can be shared in a short video, but find me on facebook and you can see some more amazing photos of our trip.

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