Sunday, March 01, 2009

Video Blog Installment 6 (pre-tour)

Today I helped lead worship at Wheatland PCA here in Lancaster, where I'm a member. It was pretty rockin' the second service if I do say so myself. As a musician of course I'm always picky, but second service was pretty tight. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night (packing for the trip), so I have to admit that first service was a bit rough (one of the tunes I couldn't remember how it went, so getting started was difficult - luckily other people remembered). Such is life, I guess. But here's some video from the second service, leading the congregation in "Come Thou Fount".

I was planning on taking off for the first leg of my tour today at 2pm, but around 1pm I got a call from Trip Beans at Severna Park EPC in MD, where I was going to play tonight, letting me know that the weather down there is pretty rough and so they canceled the event. He made some calls though, and we rescheduled for Wednesday night, which I think is going to work out better all around - God is really good!  

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