Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vlog Day 32 - Epcot

I went with my friend Matt, his girlfriend Melissa and his friend Ivan (and family) to Epcot Center today, in the Disney World park. It was pretty cool - I've never been to any of the Disney World theme parks before. As we were walking around for twelve hours, it struck me that westerners (and particularly Americans) seem to play just as hard as they work, almost as if to have fun you have to expend tons of energy in recreation. Not that it wasn't fun - I had a blast hanging out with friends and riding the rides, being exposed to new experiences and learning new things. It was just interesting how dedicated everyone seemed to be to the experience and yet how tired everyone was. I wonder if we've forgotten how to rest.
I got to ride Soarin', Spaceship Earth, Mission to Mars, The Land, and a few others that were pretty cool (a really neat aquarium and greenhouse), but the country exhibits were probably my favorite. Different cultures representing themselves, albeit in a fake touristy way, but they did have museum displays that were actually interesting, and later in the afternoon there were live performances by musicians from each country. The Moroccans were jammin'! We ended up at the Norwegian restaurant for dinner (no goat cheese or real Norwegian bread, unfortunately) and the girls got to meet all the Disney Princesses except for Jasmine. Finally, the day culminated in a spectacular fireworks show. Notice how it's accompanied by music - the whole day was accompanied by background music intended to inspire and encourage and keep us happy. I think it probably works subliminally...

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