Friday, April 10, 2009

Vlog Day 38 - World of Coca-Cola

I visited the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta today - exciting stuff! I've always wanted to visit the museum since I'm such a fan of the drink (definitely not a Pepsi person), but haven't had a chance until now. It was pretty busy, as you can see from the video.
Once we negotiated the line we were herded like cattle into the 'paraphernalia' room which is chock-full of CocaCola memorabilia. Here we were given a talk by a guy, which I included a short snippet of. He also mentioned that they're missing 4 Norman Rockwell coke paintings, so if you happen to have one, let me know and I can talk to them for you... =)
After the video snippet the screen raises up and doors open and you enter the main exhibit, where I got a shot of me with the statue of the hero and creator of Coca Cola. Perhaps my favorite part was all the commercials from around the world - hilarious stuff! Then of course the tasting room and on home. By the time I left I had to go to the bathroom.

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