Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vlog Day 35 - Eddie's Attic, Decatur GA

I visited Eddie's Attic for the open mic, which is well-known among musicians for its attentive listeners and the quality of musicians that it attracts. Having said that, however, there were one or two acts that we had to suffer through. But Eddie, the founder, lets everyone who signs up (you have to sign up a few months in advance) have their two songs in the spotlight. I caught him before the night began, having a burger, and had a good conversation - he's a cool guy.
I walked around Decatur beforehand as well, but unfortunately there wasn't much to see. Or maybe I just didn't know where to look - it always helps to have someone with you who lives there, but barring that I did the best I could. Back at the open mic, some people were late (which Eddie says usually doesn't happen), so in the confusion, and what with people playing their two songs, I got on closer to 10:30 - only 20 minutes late, which is impressive for an open mic.
Like I said, there were some REAlly good musicians and singers and it was mostly lots of fun to listen and hang out with friends from college that live in the area. Finalists were a girl from North Carolina who has a killer voice (reminded me of Brandy), the Erickson sisters (folk, Iron and Wine style), and Chelsea Lynn Labate (cross between Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michealson) - the latter of which ended up winning the competition. Because it IS a competition, and that's partly why so many musicians are there.
I didn't video all the acts, but here's a little bit of the song that I sang, 'Voices', and a flavoring of the place.

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