Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here I Am In Norway

So I've made it to Norway! I flew into Torp (about an hour from Oslo), which happens to be near Tonsberg where some friends of my Uncle live. I've spent the last few days with them and really enjoyed myself. Here's a picture of me outside their house, which we cleaned up yesterday - what a great day for yardwork and spring cleaning!
So I'm enjoying my time here so far. =) Friday night I played a concert for their youth group, and this morning I played in church. This afternoon I'm going to play some songs at the service in Bastoy prison - a prison on an island that was featured in Micheal Moore's 'documentary' Sicko. More about that later.
I'm getting some great responses from people on the songs, and having fun relating to folks here. Still working on learning some of the language, and they're impressed with my ability to pronounce things so far.

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