Monday, April 28, 2008

The Slottet

Today I went to work on the 'Slottet'. This is an apartment building that my uncle owns - when it was built it S7302038.JPGS7302039.JPG was probably one of the largest buildings around. It's still pretty big - about 14 apartments intended for single people or small families. Each one has a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a bedroom. And the views are pretty good - looking north and somewhat west along the fjord. These pictures are from the hill above the Slottet (which means 'castle' or 'palace' in Norwegian), which is what everyone around here calls it. The view is better from up here, but pretty similar to what you'd get out of one of the windows.
To get down to the Slottet you go down these stairs made of rocks from the mountain. S7302048.JPG They're pretty steep, so you might want to hold on to the steel rail as you go. You can see the building at the bottom.
I spent the afternoon working on apartment 6. The previous renter moved out in October, and since then no-one has been into it. He left a lot of his things around the apartment, which I guess he didn't want. Some of it was good, and some of it was just trash. So since then, Warren hasn't been able to rent it out. It's interesting what you can learn about someone by cleaning out their things. I found a few DVDs and video games, an old computer that had been pulled apart, about 15 jackets, 20 shirts, and 10 or so trousers, as well as a new suit and a bunch of trash. A good trade for losing the toaster, I guess. Apparently this guy moved out because he bought a house - I don't think it bodes very well for his house...
But I did manage to clean it out a bit. I have to go back and wash the floors tomorrow, and wash the dishes. And then I'll probably move in, and have some time and space to start mixing the album. After I do the laundry, that is.

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