Friday, April 25, 2008


The other day we went in to Odda to get a few groceries and take care of some business of Uncle Warren's. We also went by the library to sign me up for a library card and check out some Norwegian language books for speakers of English. Unfortunately they only had Somali and Russian versions on the shelf, but the librarian was very helpful and said the English version was due in a couple of weeks, so they're going to email me when they come in.
We had lunch at the "3K Cafe" (Kristian Kontakt Kafe), i.e. the 'Philadelphia' and met some cool folks. Roman, from Russia, and Blaise, from Burundi. The cafe is a place where street people can come and get a free meal, and where the more affluent people like myself (starving artist types) can get a good meal for a really good price (by Norwegian standards anyway). Did I mention that Norway is pretty expensive? Welcome to Europe, where the dollar isn't doing that well.
My uncle knows most of the street folks around here, and we said hi to a few as we met them. He's always telling them about Jesus and praying for them, which I'm not sure they appreciate terribly, but you never know what effect it might have...
Here are a few shots of the mountains and the town of Odda:
S7302011.JPG S7302012.JPG S7302014.JPG
That last one is looking north towards Tyssedal, which is just on the other side of the mountain to the right.

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