Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Slottet 2

I continued working on cleaning out the apartment today. Somehow cleaning and sorting just takes so much energy for me. On one hand it's kind of nice - my hands know what they're doing, so I have time to process and think. On the other hand I largely think about how dirty the place is and how it is possible that people could allow it to get so messy. And then I have to make decisions about where things go and what to do... It can get overwhelming. But like anything else, I find if I just begin and keep doing something, eventually the task gets done, and in this sort of task, the rooms get clean and start looking nicer.
Maybe it's the influence of my Mom, but I just don't like things to be dirty or unfinished. If I leave something and know I'm going to get to it later, that's one thing, but when things around me are messy, it's hard for me to focus on other things. Not that I can't cope in those kind of environments - it's just not my preference. And then there's the other side, where things slowly deteriorate around me because I'm really busy and don't take the time to fix them. So a month or two later I suddenly look around and realize the terrible condition things are in... I hope that doesn't happen too much, though.
This evening I'm going to Odda to visit Warren's friend Knut. He is a language teacher here, and specializes in Nunorsk - Norwegian dialect. He may be willing to teach me some true Norwegian, which, if I can master, would mean people would think I'm from around here. I'll catch the bus later this afternoon to get up to his place.

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