Monday, April 14, 2008

The second Beginning

Photo 1.jpg4/14 So... I'm sitting in the Toronto International Airport (Pearson, just in case there is more than one int'l airport here in Toronto - notice the annoying TV behind me that chatters endlessly), and think I have managed to figure out how to blog from my computer without having to log in to a bunch of different sites.

My friend Ethan Demme told me about this cool program called ecto that lets you publish to a blog from your desktop, and i imported my blogspot to my Facebook notes page, so hopefully this will work... I still have to try to figure out how to make it update my Myspace blog, but no luck so far.

I am about to embark on an exciting journey to Norway via London. =) It should be lots of fun! I'll be there for three months after spending a couple days in England, where I'll reconnect with some friends.

The reason this is called 'the second beginning' is because I began this blog back in 2006. February 2006. I have only just now made a second post. So really, it's just the first post of what will hopefully be many fun and interesting posts.

People of note that I have met: Julia Barry, fellow singer-songwriter who lives in London by way of NJ.

Random things: I forgot to get my guitar from the gate check area when I got off the plane here in Toronto - the stewardess had to chase me down on the bus. Whew - that was close! My computer is working great - I'm the only one who can get internet access via wi-fi here in the airport.

EDIT 4/19: I figured out how to get the picture to display.

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tim hoiland said...

sorry we couldn't hang before you left. but if you know of anyone who wants to pay for me to go to norway to visit my ancestors' graves or whatever, let me know. otherwise see you back on lemon soon enough.