Friday, March 13, 2009

Vlog Day 10 - Harrisonburg to Greensboro, NC

I spent the night with my friends Joshua, Emily and their daughter Miriam (thus the cute face to open the video) after my show at EMU's Common Grounds. It was really great to hang out with them, learn more about what they're doing and where they hope to go, and their couch and shower were a great blessing as well. We have a lot in common, and it'll be cool to connect with them down the road.
Hitting the road, I decided to take a couple detours from my direct route to Greensboro, NC. I visited Lexington, VA (home of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee for some years) but didn't have much time there, moving on to the Natural Bridge surveyed originally by a young George Washington, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. As at the National Mall, I wish I had more time to spend in these places - I can understand why tourism is such a big pastime: there's just so much great stuff to see!!
In Greensboro, I'm staying with Charlie and Ruth Jones. They're actors who run Peculiar People, and on Friday I'll be helping them host their newest gift, Greensboro Grub. It is a really cool thing where they host a dinner for 60 people in their home - people from all walks of life and backgrounds who live mostly in Greensboro and are creative. After dinner, we all gather to share our creativity or something special to us. I am SO excited to be part of this! Check out the video below for a tour of the apartment, and stay tuned for tomorrow's installment (s)!

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