Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vlog Day 12 - Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day here in Greensboro, so I just hung out, wrote emails and took care of business (paying bills online, etc...) and had leftovers of last night's meal for lunch. It's still good the next day!
I also recorded this cover of a song by John Mayer that some of you have heard me do live. It's a great tune that uses gravity as a metaphor for something... not sure exactly where Mr. Mayer is coming from, but I really like the song. I remember thinking when it came out, and the new Switchfoot album 'Oh, Gravity' came out at the same time that it was kind of weird they touched on the same theme. Seems to happen once in awhile that artists work on the same theme. anyway, here's my acoustic take:


Jess said...

Gravity is my absolute favorite John Mayer tune. Gets to me every single time. Thanks for sharing :o)

Christine said...

Good song. I also like his newer song "Say."

Also found it amusing that his album Continuum came out soon after our college yearbook came out with the same theme...similar in font and everything. Not sure which came first. Probably just a coincidence.