Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vlog Day 25 - Micanopy

Uncle Warren and I woke up early this morning to meet with some men in a bible study in Daytona beach @ 6am. Really great guys seeking to grow closer to God. I miss this kind of regular study, and it was great to be invited to join fellow believers. I was pretty tired though - too little sleep in the last few days - on the trip over to Micanopy I was nodding off and had to munch on a few Jolly Ranchers (thanks Trip Beans!) to stay awake.
Warren took me on a mini tour of the Micanopy area when we got there. This is a part of Florida I had never seen - far from the hectic pace of Orlando, in farm country, the roads are hemmed in by tall trees covered in hanging spanish moss. Peaceful, with cool breezes, shady and relaxing. We stopped by Evinston to visit the Post Office - which combines mail with fresh vegetables and a country store. It's a one-of-a-kind place. I sorted through their record collection and picked up a few childrens records for my friend Phil as well as a couple jazz LPs that I look forward to listening too. They are a bit scratched up, but shouldn't affect the playability.
We then stopped by Mosswood Farms - down a dirt road to visit some friends of Warren who own a horse training farm. They use the natural horse training method, in which horse and rider develop a relationship based on the way horses behave in the wild. I first came across this when I spent a semester in Tanzania and took a horsemanship class with a British lady. It seems like a really good method - horse whisperer style.
I'm looking forward to resting the next couple days. I play music on Sunday, but that's all I have scheduled for a while. We're staying with Mike and his wife - friends of Warren and parents of Matt, who was with me in Norway (you can look back at last May/June's blog entries to meet Matt).

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