Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vlog Day 23 - Art and Music

I slept in rather late today, partly due to the fact that I had a couple cups of Leopard Forest's excellent coffee and as a result stayed up the rest of last night. So I took my time getting up and ventured out into a cold and rainy day around 2pm to visit the local Andrew Wyeth display at the art museum here in town. Who knew that Greenville has one of the largest collections of AW's work? He really did some amazing paintings. Also on display were paintings from early North and South Carolina painters that were quite stunning.
The rest of the afternoon was spent reading in the library next door to the gallery. I picked up a 200-page book by a favorite author at 4pm and was done by 7.40 or so. I think I'm slipping. The time was when I could finish a book like that in 3 hours or less. I was pretty tired though.
Open mics were next in line - I played at Coffee Underground's Acoustic Seen (where I met up with Jeremy and Julie from college who also happen to know my brother from JBU) and then went with some friends to Smiley's Acoustic Cafe, where the fries are amazing. Good times, great food, good music! Thanks Greenville!

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