Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vlog Day 8 - Charlottesville, VA

I woke up at 5 am this morning and left the Kucks house, driving the 2.5 hours or so south to Charlottesville. I arrived there in time to help Timothy Shea and his brother Chris set up for Timothy's dissertation. It was really interesting - you can watch a bit of his explanation of the topic on the video. I filmed the whole presentation, but decided not to upload the whole talk. I'll leave that up to Timothy.
He passed with flying colors (of course) and can now be officially called 'Dr. Shea'. Then Chris and I got the tour of the campus and Charlottesville's downtown. The office where John Grisham writes, the bar where Dave Matthews was bartender before 'making it', the theater and open-air concert pavilion, various coffeeshops and places where Timothy frequented while studying here. Charlottesville's a pretty cool place.
.We went out to eat with Timothy's advisor, Jane Hansen, at a great little Mediterranean restaurant, and then headed off for naps. I tried to make a deposit via ATM and discovered that you can't deposit into a PNC bank account from anywhere south of DC. Go figure. Maybe I'll switch to Wachovia.
In the evening I went to Para Coffee and connected with Eric Kelley, the owner, who also is a photographer and just got back the night before from Nicaragua. A really cool guy, as is Vaden Cox, who I played with. Check out their websites. John, a regular at Para Coffee, shot some excellent video of the show - check it out below!

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