Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vlog Day 21 - to Greenville, SC

Today I traveled from Waxhaw to Greenville, through Lancaster County, SC. One of the fascinating things I re-learned about early settlement is that Lancaster, PA (near where the conestoga wagons were made) was the frontier for quite a long time, and the last stop before people headed down the Indian trail to settle the south and eventually the west. This is why you see the recurrence of place names - people naming where they settled after places where they grew up in Europe and places they stopped in the US. What really interests me is why some place names are re-used more often than others? Hard to know.
I met up with my friend Michele who I was in ASG (a small group) with in Lancaster while I was in college. She graduated from Bob Jones University here in Greenville and is an actor and works here now for a theater, Center Stage. She also does improv with a troupe at the Warehouse theater. For a small town, Greenville has lots of theaters - 5 in the downtown area alone.
Michele then put me in touch with her friends Scott and Jess, who are hosting me for a couple nights while I find places around here to play. She also gave me a mini-tour of the area, so I might do some more focused sight-seeing tomorrow.

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