Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vlog Day 9 - Harrisonburg

Today was spent in Harrisonburg - drove early from Charlottesville and arrived at EMU in time for Chapel, where I shared a couple songs. Below is 'I'm On a Journey'. I hung out there the rest of the day and worked on getting videos uploaded. It took a long time, since apparently the network seriously slows down your upload/download speeds. That was pretty annoying. What could have taken an hour ended up taking 5.
Then I went and visited with my friends Steve and AnnaMaria and their kids - it was great to see them, since I haven't seen them since we were part of the same small group at Houghton College. We had a really tasty meal together and caught up on life. AnnaMaria came back with me to EMU, where I played at the coffeeshop - a really good turnout. I meant to record some of the show, but totally spaced, partly because I was talking to people. So the video below, of chapel, is all I was able to get. Kind of sad, since it was such a good show - great venue, great audience, good sound. Pretty much ideal.


Christine said...

What? No video of Common Grounds?

Hiram said...

i know - i got to talking, and totally spaced on recording. which stinks, 'cause it was a really great set.