Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apartment #6

I may have mentioned that I moved into one of my uncle's flats last week - I think I blogged about cleaning it out. Well here's a shot of before I cleaned it, and then one of after:IMG_5253.JPGS7302269.JPG
As you can see, it looks a lot nicer now that all the stuff is out of the way. And that was just the bedroom. My desk is in a great spot by the window, with a nice view (I can see Lilletopp on the opposite mountain as I write) - this is where I take care of business, write emails, and mix music. I also watch movies once in awhile. I just set up the second monitor, to make it easier to mix, and today I've actually been spending some time with my songs on ProTools, for the second time since I got here. Just so many other things to keep me busy.
The only downside to this space is that I don't have internet access from here - I have to take my computer S7302277.JPG into town or find an open wireless network here in Tyssedal. Few and far between, unfortunately. But check out the view I get from my balcony! Oh yeah, I have a balcony.

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