Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Opening of Isklar

Today I went with my friend Dave Henrickson to the opening of Isklar, the new water bottling plant that opened just north of Tyssedal across the fjord from the glacier. They pipe water from the glacier across the fjord, bottle it using machines, and pack it up to ship to England. There was a big ceremony with all the bigwigs of the local area, the entrepreneurs and the co-owner from Oman with his people. I forgot my camera, so I can't post any pictures of the balloons being let off into the sky, etc... We also got cake and ice-cream and a tour of the facility. Pretty cool stuff. Here's a link to an article about it: Isklar Opens .
S7302382.JPG In the facility, as a souvenir, we got to take a bottle before it gets made into the actual container for water - I took a picture of the before and after once i got home. Pretty impressive how they stretch the plastic out into that shape with the machines. We also got to wear plastic suits, and since it was raining after the tour, Dave and I wore them on our bikes - pretty handy as raincoats!

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