Monday, May 05, 2008

Gallery Rallaren

Just down the hill from me, on this side of the tunnel from Odda, is Galleri Rallaren - a small group of highly skilled artists who have decided to make Tyssedal their home. They do some wonderful work in photography, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and mixed media. They also have some great rotating displays. This past weekend was a gallery opening which featured some snowboard art (on the boards themselves) with video, some themed pop/modern art pieces, a crowd participation expression wall, and last but not least a live tattoo artist.
I'm beginning to make their acquaintance (they are just down the hill from me, after all) and would really love to buy some art, but the limited budget of a traveling musician still trying to make it big doesn't lend itself to that. At least I can enjoy it and maybe make some friends at the same time...

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