Monday, May 19, 2008

Mixing and such.

It was a bit uneventful today - just taking care of business related things. I worked on the apartment that needs to be fixed up to show to a potential renter. The same one on which the windows were broken. There are a few other things that need to be done there, and I'm slowly completing the tasks. I also arranged for some of the trash to be picked up tomorrow.
I worked a bit on mixing some tunes. Play Switch is nearly ready, I think. The instruments sound good - maybe i'll redo the vocals. I did some recording with my mic today, working on 'Herre Mitt Berg', the Norwegian praise song, and I discovered that this room is not particularly conducive to recording - due to its smallness and flat walls, I would imagine. So I might have to go elsewhere to record. Maybe they'd let me do some recording in the church... I'll have to check.
I met with a guy named Ove Danielsen yesterday who wants to record an album. He is very talented and so I think I'll probably work with him over the next few weeks - test the limits of this Mbox Mini. Fortunately he has access to a large room for recording - the Bedehus in Odda, where he leads worship. Maybe I'll just do my vocals in there as well. He also knows everyone involved in the music scene here, so that is rather handy.

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