Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Full Belly

Today was another special occasion. Remember the karaoke contest I won? Well, today was the day that I had set up with Tommy (the second place finisher) to go and collect our prize - a full meal at China House. We had 800 crowns to spend, and I was pretty determined to spend as much of it as possible. Well, not really. Just enough to fill my stomach. Some of you know I have a hollow leg. Or just a high metabolism.
So I ordered what I would order in the states, not having to worry that it was four times as expensive. An egg roll to start, a plate of Chinese spare ribs (I was hoping the sauce would be special, but no such luck), a plate of fried rice with eggs and shrimp (the waiter asked me if i was sure - he informed me that the rice was a dinner plate - turned out to be the same size you'd get here in the US), an order of french fries (raised eyebrows from the waiter, but he let it pass) and water to drink. I have to say it was a good meal. S7302388.JPG Tommy had a Norwegian dinner - steak in béarnaise sauce with broccoli and a baked potato. We topped it with fried bananas and ice cream, and coffee for me with a chocolate at the end. I think the waiters were a bit impressed that I polished it all off, but of course they couldn't show it.
Here's a picture of me and Tommy at the restaurant, having just finished our meal and waiting for our dessert. None the worse for wear. And our bill for a meal at the chinese restaurant? 685 kroner (191 dollars) - well under our limit.
Afterwards I got a sim card in a local shop, so people here in norway can get ahold of me easier, and did some recording with Ove Danielsen - but more about that later.

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