Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recording with Ove 5

Busy day today. Met with Ove and we did some recording on the folk tune - his friend came and recorded vocals. We also recorded some drum parts - brushes on the snare and cymbals, and a conga drum to give some bass/tom sounds. I'm going to try to mix it to sound like a jazz trap kit. Should be interesting!
Then Ove played some music down at the Old People's Home. Someone just donated a new electric piano to them, and he was invited to be the first to play it. It's a pretty sweet Roland with some nice sounding samples, and the mayor of Odda and some of the residents were there. Lots of cake and coffee.
Afterwards we went back and did a bit more recording of percussion and then went up to Ove's girlfriend S7302423.JPG Lena's house for dinner - out on the balcony in the sun with a great view and a good meal (pizza eaten with knife and fork as good Europeans). Hanging out and chatting with them was great, and then we walked up the hill, through the woods, over the bridge and to a home meeting with some other believers. Here's a picture or two of S7302426.JPG the sweet bridge over troubled waters. Or is that living water? Rushing down the hill, at any rate.
It was a rather warm day, but is cooling down now that I'm home. But how I know it is really spring turning into summer: I walked out to get my clothes off the line and surprised a hedgehog nosing around in the grass for beetles. Do hedgehogs hibernate? I think they do. It must be warm enough now for them to forage. Pretty cool, i think - and I've always thought hedgehogs are neat animals.

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