Friday, May 02, 2008


S7302108.JPGWell my friend Ken is going to hate me, but I still haven't had the time to blog about food - too many other exciting things to do! I just moved into the empty apartment in the Slottet, so I have some time and space now to do mixing. So that's what I worked on today. Around 6pm I decided to hike up to Lilletop. S7302117.JPG This is the spot where water is channeled from the lake high on the mountain through five large pipes which let the water rush down and power huge turbines that the power station converts to electricity for most of the area (and perhaps beyond - I'll have to get the exact figures).

The walk up isn't exactly easy, but it is really pretty and I got some wonderful S7302105.JPG views of Tyssedal and the fjord. So here are a few! But speaking of food, I need to go make dinner... =)

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