Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today was an eventful day. A trip to Bømlo, where we visited the local mini-mall, tasted Norwegian ice cream and chocolate, bought some decent shoes that were on sale, and passed by the highschool - where Håkon greeted some old teachers and raced me around the track. 800 meters in 3 minutes, not too bad.
S7302224.JPG Later we checked email and chilled out, enjoying the beautiful day from the deck, had a light meal of lasagna, salad and bread. Did I mention they eat a lot of bread here? And it's really good. Last night we finished writing a song in Norwegian that I'd begun writing in Tyssedal, so we played that for his parents, got some good feedback.
Around 6:30 or so we decided to go ahead and climb Siggjo - the large peak in the distance, the natural landmark that early Christian missionaries headed forS7302226.JPG from England. It was a nice hike - a good hour or so and his dad came with us. Håkon's dad had open heart surgery this past Christmastime, and this was the first big hike he'd been on since then. He did pretty well to climb the 1500 feet or so in an hour. Some more beautiful views - hard not to have nice views in Norway, I'm learning. My camera quit once we got to S7302242.JPG the top though - I think it has trouble with the cold or something.
We got home around 9 and then Håkon took me to the old stone church which was the first church in Norway - built here on the island of Moster, about 15 minutes from his house. His grandparents who were missionaries in the Congo are buried there, and right now they're doing restoration on the building. But we got to see it, and also the open air amphitheater where they have plays and particularly the re-creation of the story of Christianity coming to Norway. Good stuff. Then we came back and had some fresh shrimp. Good day alltogether, but full. Tomorrow we head out - Håkon back to London and his wife, and I back to Odda. Glorious. =)

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