Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recording with Ove 4

Today Ove and I had another recording session. We ended up spending most of the time re-working a song he wrote called 'Kom Til Meg'. I think we managed to do a decent job with it. I also gave him a rough mixed CD for him to listen to of the ten songs we already recorded, so we'll see what he thinks after he plays it on a few different systems.
That's always the trouble with mixes, as you may know - they sound one way in the headphones and another way on whatever other stereo you play it on. Something about not having the right mixing environment maybe. Hopefully I can get to know these headphones well enough that I can figure out how to mix in them so it sounds right on other systems.
We're starting to think of other musicians/instruments we can add. We recorded the rough sketch of an Australian folk tune that has been translated into Norwegian (Syng Meg Heim), and Ove's friend is coming in to record the female vocals tomorrow. This is one that Ove is hoping to get permission from the translator to put on his CD. We also want to get some Hardanger fiddle (special instrument of this area) and saxophone.
Another session planned for tomorrow around 11 am, and I (perhaps foolishly) agreed to play settlers of Catan with some friends (seafarers, rather). So I didn't get home until late. Ach, vel.

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