Monday, May 26, 2008

Renters Galore

I did a lot of mixing today - a few of my songs and a bunch of Ove's. Things I'm still working on, but I want to get some rough mixes on a CD so he can listen to them. Just kind of hung out in the apartment today.
Peter, a friend of one of the our African friends, came to look at one of my uncle's apartments as well, so I was around to meet him, Innocent, and Blaise. He liked the place and is ready to move in as soon as I get the ok from my uncle (who, remember, is in the US at his neice's wedding) and can get the electricity turned on. Probably the end of this week.
They came in on the bus, and hung out with me in my apartment after seeing the empty one. We chatted and played some guitar, ate candy. Fun times. I should probably brush up on my French.

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