Saturday, May 24, 2008

Recording with Ove 2

Yesterday afternoon I spent with Ove again, working on recording more songs. We were able to record foundational tracks on four more songs, so we have a total of seven songs after just two sessions - with piano and vocal tracks that we'll probably keep. Since the focus is on Ove's singing and playing, we probably won't add much more than that. There are a few other instruments/sounds that we'd like to add (perhaps a choir in a few places) and we're going to try to get a few more songs on Sunday afternoon.
It's cool to think that (after Sunday) with only about 20 hours of work we're almost done with his album - and it sounds pretty dang good, let me tell you. I think there's something about simplicity that works so well, as long as the songs are good. Makes me wonder why I'm spending so much time on my album with all the different parts... but I guess just because I can. There's no string quartet around here, or we'd get it on Ove's album, and we're kind of crunched by time for various reasons. But with what we have we're doing a lot.
Today I slept in til 9 (got home last night around midnight) and then got up and went down to my uncle's apartments down the hill (Salthellervegen) to make sure that one of them was ready for viewing. A guyPhoto 2.jpg who's coming to work with the Salvation Army came around 11 with his two boys to take a look at it and take pictures. Hopefully he'll move in when he comes to work in August.
This afternoon I've been recording some guitar on a couple of Ove's tracks. A friend of Dave Henrickson had this sweet classical guitar sitting in her house when we went to visit her the other day (after the trip to the water factory), and after I played it a bit she said I could borrow it while I'm here. It's an Ibanez made in Japan - 30 years old, so it's got a sweet tone with the wood mellowed nicely. That's what I'm playing in this picture. It's nice to have a second sweet sounding guitar for recording.

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