Monday, May 12, 2008

Norwegian Wood

Today is the second sunday of Pentecost. There was a morning service here in Tyssedal, which doesn't happen very often. There are so few believers/churchgoers in this small town that the Lutheran church (the S7302283.JPG only church in Tyssedal) only holds a service here once a month. I counted nine people in the pews, including the organist. Perhaps there would be more if the service had been on a sunday. It's a really pretty church, though, and a shame not to see it used more often for worship and other events.
I was able to talk with the officiators after the service (some of which I understood - Jesus praying for his disciples in the gospel of John after his resurrection, that they would receive the Holy Spirit when he left) and they were friendly. The priest, a reader, and an offering taker. They were all pretty new to it, so none of them knew of my uncle - the old priest who is relocating knows my uncle. Very friendly though, and could answer some of my questions.S7302288.JPG
Here's a couple pictures of the church in Tyssedal - the outside with the really steep roof and the mountain backdrop, and the inside with all this beautifully bare Norwegian wood supporting the high ceiling, and the Lord's table at the center.

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